The Head of International Office The Details of Duties:

  1. Arrange RKAT and the work program of International office;
  2. Arrange standard operating procedures of international office;
  3. Improve, hasten, and add the number of international cooperation and relation with foreign institutions that can be used to improve the interest of students, lecturers and official staffs of ISI Padangpanjang;
  4. Open the opportunity and relation for international cooperation actively in order to build international network;
  5. Coordinate and facilitate international meetings in university level;
  6. Spread information internally and internationally for the development of human resources;
  7. Coordinate the visitation of institute leadership to abroad;
  8. Establish, publish, and spread information about the scholarships of students, lecturers and official staffs;
  9. Implement the administration of the interest of overseas network (MOU, the contact person of university (u to u), foreign students, foreign visitors, etc.) to the appropriate divisions;
  10. Assist the processing of documents needed by foreign parties to become the partner of institute (visa, study license, etc.);