Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

It is our hope to make ISI Padangpanjang as the part of universities of international standard that produces competitive, innovative, and productive graduates in international level and has professional lecturers and official staffs. And to create ISI Padangpanjang and to create ISI Padangpanjang as the university of international standard, we have taken a strategic step through the administration of Darmasiswa program of Indonesia.

Darmasiswa is a program that its studies learn and develop particularly about Malay art and culture and Indonesian language. The existence of this program is an embryo for foreign students who will continue their studies in the regular program of ISI Padangpanjang. The enrolment of Darmasiswa students has become the fixed agenda of ISI Padangpanjang in every year.

This activity is aimed at stimulating the growth of international atmosphere in the milieu of academic civitas, especially in the circle of students. Through the graduates or alumni of Darmasiswa of ISI Padangpanjang as fast and comprehensive promotion, ISI Padangpanjang will be known and recognized in international level.

Best Regard

Dr. FebriYulika, S.Ag., M. Hum