In Summer Camp activities, the following activities are carried out:

  1.   Minangkabau Randai

Randai Minangkabau is a traditional theater owned by Minangkabau community, West Sumatra, Indonesia which has been passed down from generation to generation, which contains educational values and provides an overview to audience about the characteristics of Minangkabau community and strength of their traditions and cultural values.

  1. Makan Bajamba

Makan bajamba or called makan barapak is a tradition of eating by Minangkabau community by sitting together in a designated room or place. This tradition is generally held on major Islamic holidays and in various traditional ceremonies, traditional parties, and other important gatherings. Literally makan bajamba contains a very deep meaning, where the tradition of it will create a sense of togetherness regardless of differences in social status.

  1. Bararak (Procession)

One of the existing cultures in West Sumatra is the Bararak (procession) in the Baralek (Wedding Ceremony). Each district and city in West Sumatra has a culture in their respective marriages, depending on the customs in Nagari.

  1. Minangkabau Traditional Clothes

For traditional clothing from Minangkabau, it is divided into two types, namely traditional clothing for women and men. Traditional Minangkabau clothing is Limpapeh Rumah Nan Gadang which is traditional clothing for Minangkabau women. This outfit is a symbol of a woman’s greatness after marriage.

Traditional men’s Minangkabau clothing also has quite deep characteristics and philosophical meanings. For Minangkabau men’s clothing, it is commonly referred to as Penghulu’s outfit which consists of: generally black clothes, Sarawa, Deta, Sasampiang, Sandang, Cawek, Sticks, and Keris.