1. Performances at Songkhla Rajabhat University featured Dance and Music with the title “Merajut Minangkabau”



2. Performance at Suratthani Rajabhat University, Thailand, showed a dance work with title “Tapuak Galambuak”



3. Performances at the Indonesian Embassy in Manila featured Piriang Dance, Galambuak Tapuak Dance and Zapin Dance.



4. Performances in Japan at Kagoshima Youth Art Festival featured dance works titles “Tapuak Randai” and the Sesaman Dance”.



5. Participated in the World Costum Festival in Vigan, Manila, which featured Clothing Designs by students of Craft Department.



6. Theater Performance at the ASEAN Theater Cooperation and Exchange League at Nanning Theater Week, China and continued with an Exhibition.



7. Promotion of Indonesian Arts and Culture in Manila, entitled “Enchantment of Indonesia and Minangkabau Batik” in the framework of introducing Minangkabau



8. Drama Music Performance “Galanggang” at Asean-China Theater Week in Nanning, China.



9. Performances for the promotion of Indonesian Arts and Culture in the context of the 2018 Paris Colorful Festival (FCI) at Indonesian Embassy in Paris.