Indonesia Art Institute of Padangpanjang (known in Indonesia as ISI Padangpanjang) is one of the public art institutes in Indonesia. As one of art institutes, ISI Padangpanjang tries to probe, build, and develop the art and culture of Indonesia Archipelago as maximal as possible by graduating qualified graduates namely intellectual artists and humanists who have global insight based on ethics, logic, and aesthetics.

Expected orientation is the fulfillment of stakeholders’ needs that includes professional needs, social needs, industrial needs, and scientific-vision needs that correspond to Law Number 20 the Year 2003 about the system of national education. This law states that education is a mindful and planned effort to actualize the conducive atmosphere of study and conducive process of learning so the students can actively develop their potencies to have spiritual power, self-control, personality, intelligence, noble character, and skill required by themselves, society, nation, and country. Now ISI Padangpanjang has two faculties with twelve departments that are ready to answer those challenges.

As a public university, ISI Padangpanjang has the vision “Actualizing the victorious artists and scientists of Malay art and culture” with the missions namely 1) Organizing the education of art with upholding the basic values of Malay culture; 2) Establishing the center of art study and creativity that has scholarly and professional principles and is sensitive and responsive toward changes with upholding the morality of nation; 3) Establishing and developing the accountable information center of nation’s art and culture; 4) Empowering the potential of institute for the glory of oneself, institute, nation, and state.

The vitality and existence of the artworld as professional field in the middle of various communities have become something crucial in people’s daily life similar to other needs. People enjoy various kinds of art started from simple art until luxurious art, traditional art until modern one whether they are enjoyed through live performance and live exhibition or recorded performance and printed exhibition. These clearly require talented and creative artists to create and perform them.

Nowadays, ISI Padangpanjang is developing its campus by building the second campus. And it’s also developing the faculties and departments so that in the future ISI Padangpanjang will be equal with other universities in Indonesia.

Rector ISI Padangpanjang

Dr. FebriYulika, S.Ag., M. Hum