Based on the license of General Director of Higher Education of National Education Ministry Number 2852/D/T/2008 on 27 August 2008, ISI Padangpanjang opened Post-Graduate Program entitled Department of Art Creation and Study.

Department of Art creation and Study will produce art scientists and artists (creators). Besides that, the graduates of this program can also develop skills to become art researcher, art manager, and cultural official that are able to compete in national and international levels.

Art Creation is divided into several preferences namely music composition, dance choreography,theater creation, craft creation, fine art creation, visual communication design creation, television and film creation, and photography creation.

Art Study is divided into several preferences namely music study, dance study, theater study, craft study, fine art study, visual communication design study, film and television study, and photography study.

The opening of Department of Art Creation and Study is underlied by the needs of art science development and art creation based on archipelago culture especially Malay that aim to build nation’s character.